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Patched member - Zancudo River

b.  2000

Althought the heart of the Sons of Leuven MC in San Andreas has always laid in the town of Harmony, Alpha was the first patched member actually being born and raised in its meth-ridden, impoverished  streets. While nearly all Sons came from difficult pasts and endured many struggles in their young years, Harmony is an exceptionally tough place to grow up as a kid.

When one does manage to outlive their childhood in Harmony that person is either on the verge of overdosing to death, or turned hard as hell. Alpha was the latter and unlike many of his peers even managed to leave Harmony in search of a better future. To fund his escape Alpha got into boosting cars and robbing stores.

His big break came when in 2020 an asteroid hit the ground in Chumash, which was broadcasted state-wide and beyond. The asteroid was quickly seized by FIB agents and brought back to their lab for research. Nearly every major criminal in the San Andreas state wanted to get their hands on this multi-million valued object. Alpha saw his chance.


Favourite bike:

Where many other criminals tried and failed Alpha succeeded. Using his street-knowledge and calm nerves he managed to break in the FIB labs, sneak past the guards and grab the asteroid. But in the shattered glass of the casting around the artefact Alpha saw a reflection of himself with the valuable space-metal in his hand. Despite having a clear escape route he realized that to take the asteroid would mean that he would be hunted by not only the government, but also every single heavy-hitting criminal in the country. It dawned on him that he could do better, that he should be smarter about this and look beyond the quick-win.

After he bailed on his big heist Alpha returned to his home in the Harmony trailer park. That's when he noticed Jao sitting on a nearby poarch drinking some beers with a few friend. Both men had seen eachother before, but never really interacted. Jao noticed Alpha was looking for something new and invited him over to share a beer with him. Soon after Alpha started as a hangaround for the Sons of Leuven MC, eventually moving up north to reinforce the Paleto Forest chapter as a patched member.  

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