Secretary - Zancudo River

Dya grew up in grapeseed,and lived a miserable childhood. When he was a teen he left his wreck of a family to make his own way, he didnt get far in fact he ended up running cars and dealing out of Stab City  in his trailer for most of his teen years. Those trailers are also where he met his good friend Dave while working for Janet at the Yellow Jack.

Soon after meeting Dave he quit working at the bar to start boosting cars and dealing drugs with Dave until they were arrested in the city for dealing some weight. He lost contact with Dave during that time and moved onto the next chapter in his life.

He got out of Bollingbroke only to return to Stab City a broken man, and angry man, but still his love for Bikes grew. He saw a few different MC's ride through the area often, usually passing through but a few stopped and drank at the Yellow Jack accross from the prison. He didnt like the idea of hanging out so close to that place and still was not on good terms with Janet after quitting,  but he became determined to join one of these crew, to ride with them and find a brotherhood and family.

He tried approaching a few people just to be shoved away or spit on. One guy though finally pointed to a man in the corner drinking with some fellow members and told him to talk to him if he had the balls to ride with them. He did, thinking that this would be another dead end until the guy, whose name was Jao, told him he had to pick up some stuff and hop on his bike and follow. He did as told and on that ride and the many beers after talking with Jao led him to becoming a Hangaround for The Sons of Leuven.



It took time and effort, blood and sweat but he made it through and even got sponsored to become a prospect by the Vice President Cyco. He learned a lot from him during that time. Learned his new trade, grew to become accepted in his new family and eventually was voted in and became a patched member of the club. He came from nowhere with no prospects in life until one conversation and ride changed his life forever and a brotherhood ne never understood before became something he could not live without. Sons Forever, Forever Sons.


favourite bike: