b. 1992

Born in the Netherlands, HerrnM’s family moved to Liberty City when he was still a small boy. He does not remember much from the old country. He was the youngest son and a late comer, or happy accident, his older brother Thomas was 12 years older. He had a happy childhood in Liberty City with many friends. 

Until the night that ended all happiness. He was hanging around with some friends at the arcade in the mall, playing games till it was dinner time. Thomas was coming home to visit and with any luck Hernn could drive a little on his brother's bike. While Herrn drove home on his BMX and turned into his street there was a loud explosion followed by the sound of bikes driving off. Herrn only saw the patch on their backs, it was the Lost MC.
There was nothing he could do, his home was engulfed in flames and his family was dead.


The police never found out who did it, there was not enough evidence against the Lost MC, even though a lot of people had seen them driving off. Terror makes people’s memory become foggy. Herrn ended up in the system, getting moved around from family to family, not receiving much love or care.


The day Herrn turned 18 he enlisted in the army, served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was discharged from the army in 2018 for the suspected smuggling of heroin to the US. During his last deployment Herrn was tasked with assisting the interrogation of persons of interest and he picked up some skills from the local officials doing the job, besides the location of some heroin stashes...

Herrn moved back to Liberty city, bought a bike and started planning his revenge on the Lost MC. After months of trying Herrn found out that the person ordering the dead of his family, or more precisely, his brother, his parents were just collateral damage, had moved to the west and was now part of the Los Santos chapter of the Lost MC. Herrn followed him west, without knowing what fate had planned for him.


The third night Herrn was in Los Santos he was made while observing a Lost MC compound, they thought he was a cop, but after the cops the Lost MC had in their pocket confirmed he wasn’t one, Herrn was beaten up and left for dead near the sewers. It took almost nine months to recover enough that Herrn could ride a bike long enough to make the trip to Harmony, where according to an old article in the Harmony Herald, the SOL MC, a long standing enemy of the Lost MC had their home. Herrn’s first encounter with the Sons of Leuven was in a parking lot near the Harmony clothing store with a guy named Fiko, who was ordering some hangarounds and prospects around to clean up some bloody mess..