b. 1946

       Kook has been on the back of a bike for as long as he can remember, it could be because he has been in the MC scene since his adolescence... or the Alzheimer's. Since his old club had disbanded Kook would drink his days away at Yellow Jack Inn talking about the old days.

      That was until he had met Spelev, and the Sons of Leuven MC. He had heard rumours of a new MC in the area but he had never encountered them. Spelev and kook started talking and by the end of the day they had formed a bond. Soon after Kook was helping around the clubhouse, and the rest is history.

       Not much has changed since the 'good old days' for Kook, he's still tinkering with his '63 panhead, the Blue Bolt, and listening to Grateful Dead. He may seem like a frail, old biker but he's still got a mean side. He'd much rather be drinking and cruising but if you piss him off you'll know.

Favourite bike:
1963 Western Daemon
"blue bolt"

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