Patched member

b. 1992

KP was born in east Los Santos, to an American father and a British mother, he had five siblings, three brothers and two sisters all his elder so nothing came easy in his family.

He spent his early years down at the port working for his father, unloading shipping containers, hauling cargo and anything he could to make some money. Eventually KP had enough of working at the dock’s day in and day out and once he hit eighteen joined the military. KP showed great skill with most weaponry whilst serving but excelled with a sniper rifle. He later joined a scout sniper unit and underwent many missions.

After seven years of service KP returned home to Los Santos and tried to pick up where he left off, but his attempt to return to work at the ports was cut short as Los Santos was admits a recession. This lead KP, like many others, to a life of crime to scrape by. KP began running guns for an old military buddy, with the help of his brothers, KP set up  business deals with buyers all across the state and soon had money coming in.



Two years would pass, the gun business was good and KP’s family was living well but that soon would change for the worse. During a deal with a buyer KP and his two brothers were ambushed by a rival arms dealer resulting in KP’s brethren’s deaths, he barely escaped the shootout and ended up stranded in Blaine county with two bullet wounds, one in the shoulder and one which grazed his neck.


A wounded KP stumbled around Sandy Shores making his way up towards the

Yellow Jack bar. He found an old junker motorcycle leaning against a wall hopped on it and made a B line towards the city. When KP got back to his family home it was engulfed in flames and no signs of life came from it. With nothing left but the old bike KP headed back into Blaine county to drown his sorrows in booze and dust.


Favourite bike:
Western Zombie Bobber


Back at the Yellow Jack, KP ordered himself a beer and began to drink till he blacked out. KP woke up to the sight of a man in looming over him. The man introduced himself as Cyco and outstretched a hand KP took it willingly, they went inside the Yellow Jack and began talking about life and what happened in each other’s. After hearing KP’s story, Cyco offered KP a place to stay whilst he gets back onto his feet and some work if he wanted it and wanted it, he did. A couple weeks would pass and KP began to learn about the Sons from Cyco and how they worked and lived, KP was enthralled by it all and after a few more weeks Cyco invited him to hang with the club as a Hangaround.