Worn by the Presidents of the Sons Of Leuven MC. A President leads the chapter and presides over weekly church. Presidents are elected during the foundation of a new charter and need to be approved by the National President.

Second in command of the chapter. The Vice-President leads the chapter in absence of the President. This "right hand" of the Presidents also aids in diplomatic efforts. Lastly, the VP is a senior officer that also coordinates club events and activities.

In the absence of both the President and the VP, leadership falls onto the Sergeant at Arms. This is the top gunner of the MC who has proven his loyalty. The Sergeant is in charge of club security, making sure orders are carried out and spotting potential threats.

The Club Secretary is the last of the senior officers. This person is in charge of keeping all club records and takes notes during every club meeting. The Secretary also produces propaganda material and maintains the club's outside look.

Besides making sure the club businesses of each member according to rank are producing at optimal levels, the Treasurer also aids in recruitment process.

Road Captain is the second junior officer, and is the person in charge when Sons of Leuven are on the road. Taking position in the back of the formation, the Captain plans out the routes and ensures everyone is in the right place during rides.

Despite being a junior officer, the Enforcer plays a key role in the club. As the officer responsible for maintaining internal club discipline, the Enforcer makes sure the bylaws are followed and orders are executed. Also plays a leading role in educating aspiring members.

Patched members of the Sons of Leuven are hardened people who have survived Prospect period and earned the trust of their brothers. Members help determine the direction of the MC by attending weekly church and voting. Any member can also sponsor a prospect.

This patch is worn by former members of either the Liberty City East Hook chapter or the Zancudo River mother-chapter. The Nomad Chapter serves as a supply-line between the two territorial chapters. They can attend church, but are not obligated.

A prospect is a former hangaround that has proven themselves dedicated enough to be sponsored by a patched member. Once a sponsor is found, the prospect will have to prove they understand and respect our customs and bylaws, and is worthy of membership through club service.

Hangarounds are individuals who have managed to gain attention of the club while swimming in the sea of wannabes. After passing the interview with one of the senior officers they get some time to get to know the club from the inside and get positively noticed.

Honorary patches

Founding members of

Sons of Leuven MC

Killed at least 20

rival 1%ers

Participated in more

than 20 official rides

The chosen one of the 

mighty Centipede God

Riding over 10k miles

on your bike

Took part in at least

50 official rides

Trusted patched member

tasked with defending formation

Displayed perfect behaviour

for over a month

Brought at least 5

hangarounds to the club

Veteran of the Crow War

Took part in at least

5 territorial battles

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