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Fallen brother

Like the other East Hook Originals Tadors was born and raised on the streets of Leuven. He started his criminal career very early on as a teenage thug. The daily life of Tadors consisted of stealing, vandalizing and getting into streetfights. By his 16th year he was the undefeated champion of the Leuven underground streetfights, both organized and unorganized. That was until he met Spelev, same age, same weightclass. Until this day both of these men would still admit that this was the hardest bare-knuckle fight they ever had. For 9 minutes straight they fought, shocking the people around them with their stubborn endurance and pride. Eventually, with a hard blow straight to his plexus, breaking two ribs, Spelev managed to make Tadors unable to continue despite himself.


The fight created a deep feeling of respect between Tadors and Spelev, friends quickly became brothers. Tadors was introduced to the criminal life beyond bare-knuckle fights by Spelev and watched his back ever since. This didn't change when the Belgian Civil War broke out, both enlisting in the city's Defence Militia and keeping each other alive. Even before the war, but especially during and after Tadors also formed a tight bond with others who would later become the East Hook Originals.

Tadors arrived in Liberty City along with many other Belgian refugees. Alongside Pierre, Spelev, Sep and Bash he started working at the docks and was eventually enlisted in the Lost MC Liberty Chapter. Always having Spelev's back, Tadors joined the other Originals in their war for independence. The Sons of Leuven were born and Tadors played a major role in establishing the Zancudo River motherchapter. Between early 2019 and the end of 2021 Taders was a leading officer of the Nomad chapter and responsible for the underground supply lines between Blaine County and Liberty City.


Favourite bike:

Custom Western Zombie Bobber

In december 2021 Taders was arrested during a rip-deal and incarcerated. He was sentenced to over 800 years in prison without parole for six counts of murder and varying other crimes ranging from dealing in stolen goods to human trafficking and everything in between. During his time in Bolingbroke Pen. he was the Sons' shotcaller inside prison walls. Heavily outnumbered by other gangs and with the protection deal with the Ballas out of the window due to the war with the Punks, the Sons and their affiliates saw their numbers dwindling. They kept strong and did whatever the club needed them to do on the inside, but eventually in december 2022 Tadors' luck ran out as he was jumped by over a dozen ballas.

His brothers retaliated with the 'January 2023 Bolingbroke Bombing', but this act of vengeance could not bring back the fallen. Taders now rides eternal.


1981 - 2022

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