VP & Chaplain

b. 1982

      Walt grew up as an only child in an upstanding family in Vinewood. He spent most his youth with the friends he met during his time as an altar boy at the Rockford Hills Church.


         This is also the time when things took a turn. At the age of sixteen, Walt caught the pastor with a young boy, exchanging packages. It turned out the pastor was running a Meth operation from his church. Walt got in and enjoyed his new riches. After a few years, his parents started questioning his income. It all came out one night when they decided to follow him to a delivery. He was just handing out the package when his parents interrupted him. "WALT, WHAT IS THIS?!" they shouted. A few loud pops followed. His parents were shot on sight.

He ran, determined never to return. He slept under bridges and went to shelters for food. After some time, he went back to his parents place and got his dads Zombie Bobber from the Garage. He looked back one last time, and took off to the horizon.


Eventually he passed what looked like a gas station that was filled with bikes neatly parked outside.

This later turned out to be the clubhouse of a notorious MC. While he stopped to look at the bikes, one of the bikers came out. He complimented his ride and asked Walt if he needed a job. He spend the next months polishing bikes and running odd jobs for these bikers that he learned were known as the Sons of Leuven. He was given a jacket with a support patch on it, but at the time didn't really understand what that meant.


One day when they all came out of the clubhouse together, as they always do on Friday, something was different. The president told Walt that he had to come out back. Fearing for his life, he reluctantly followed, looking for possible routes to escape. Turns out, it was not what he was expecting at all. The VP himself had sponsored Walt as a prospect. From that day on, Walt has had a new family.

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