Sergeant at Arms - Paleto Forest

Born an raised on the country side of Northern California, where he spent his younger days running through the woods with his siblings and a 22 magnum caliber rifle. 

At a young age he learned the basics of how to shoot and hunt, but most importantly the value of loyalty trust and respect to his brothers. 

At age 18 he joined the United States Army to get away from his home town, and found himself on an island in Hawaii in The 25th Infantry Division’s Wolfhounds, whose soldiers defended a foothold on a Korean peninsula in 1950. He served two tours overseas then ended up getting stuck at Fort Zancudo.

After getting out of the military and being so far away from his home, he decided to settle down in Sandy Shores where he earned a new one to stay at within the Sons of Leuven MC.


Favourite bike
Custom western Zombie Bobber