While the exact date of origin for the Sons of Leuven MC remains a well kept secret, known only by the founding 'Original Five', the 1% motorcycle club gained public attention in the Summer of 2014. At that time the 'Sons' or 'SOLMC' was founded in blood by a group of Belgian bikers formerly belonging to the Liberty City Chapter of the Lost MC. The five rebellious members, fed up after some tragical mistakes made by the Lost Chapter President and united by their common ideals and heritage, split off from the Lost MC. Leaving in bad standing and starting a new 1%er MC the Original Five, including a former Lost Road Captain, knew they faced the wrath of their much larger former brothers. And so it was, a short, but brutal biker war ensued which left one of the Original Five and three Lost MC members dead.

After a summer of violence a peace was brokered through mediation of other MC's whom had declared themselves neutral in the conflict. The Sons of Leuven were allowed to found a separate MC, but the Lost MC negotiators managed to restrict its territory to the heavily working class neighbourhood of East Hook in Broker and SoL was forced to serve as a Support Club for 3 years before achieving full independence. The Sons abided by the 'Conclave' with the Lost MC and was the most loyal support club every day of those three years. Approximately one year ago the term ended and the Sons of Leuven 'East Hook Original' Chapter became the first American SOLMC chapter. Rather popular among the dockers and highly invested in the local labour unions the East Hook motherchapter grew heavily, with 20 full-patched members and a few dozen prospects and hang-arounds. The four remaining original members were eager for expansion, not only of their members, but also their narcotics network. The Conclave forbade them from starting more chapters in Liberty City and tensions with the Lost MC were already resurfacing with the newly independent Sons becoming significant competitors in the drugs business.

With the risk of enraging the Lost MC once more, the Originals concluded that the Conclave stopped them from starting new chapters in Liberty City, but not outside of the city. New territories were sought and found on the West Coast, more specifically on the outskirts around Zancudo River. Two of the Originals were dispatched from the motherchapter to start the new 'Zancudo River' Chapter.


Sons Forever, Forever Sons