Note: clothing, weapon, vehicle restrictions can be lifted by highest present officer if there is only SOLMC present in a session or during themed events.




  • Club decisions and planned events are made and voted during weekly church [Sunday 8 pm CET], attendance is required for all full-patch members except Nomads. Missing church does not mean exclusion, but efforts must be made to make it.


  • The club is not a dictatorship and church is an opportunity to voice your opinion on the directions of the club. Nonetheless outside of church officers must be obeyed blindly.


  • Loyalty to the MC above all else: your active crew must always be set to [SLHA] for hangarounds [2SOL] for prospects, [SLMC] for full patched members.


  • Respect fellow members and respect the chain of command.


  • Diplomacy with other MC's is handled by the Presidenct, VP and SGt. at Arms. SOLMC has relations with several other MC's.


  • Internal matters of the MC must always be kept as such. To secure the safety and integrity of the club it is prohibited to share inside information with outsiders and aspiring members such as Hangarounds and Prospects. The latter must earn trust and prove their loyalty before becoming aware of the MC's decision makings.


  • Wannabe's and Hangarounds are given the time they need to get adjusted to the game-play style and feel comfortable in the crew. Aspiring members are not pushed into talking, but mutual trust is one of the pillars of this MC so a microphone will eventually be needed to become a Prospect.


  • +18 only

  • Male characters only




  • No modding or cheating of any kind.


  • No killing of other patched members while in freemode.


  • No killing of allies or friendlies.


  • No attacks on randoms unless provoked first.


  • No passive mode, ever, for any reason.

  • No going off the radar, we don't have satellites in orbit


  • Killing yourself when facing the enemy is an act of cowardice. You will never use Easy Way Out or intentionally blow yourself up during 1%-rules combat.




  • SOLMC is a biker-styled roleplay crew. [Potential] Members will still be able to choose from a wide selection of club sanctioned clothing, but certain restrictions are put in place to avoid mismatches.


  • Members must always display their colours when riding with us in online sessions, besides your bike your cut is your most prized possession.




  • Western and LCC motorcycles only.


  • Weaponized/armored vehicles are prohibited.




  • 1% combat rules [against other MCs, hostile randoms]:

    • Assault rifles

    • Submachine guns

    • Non-auto shotguns

    • Handguns

    • Melee weapons


  • Allowed in retaliation against opponents using those:

    • Bolt-action sniper rifles

    • Light machine guns


  • Allowed against armored/weaponized vehicles:

    • Explosives


  • Allowed ONLY against randoms and in retaliation:

    • Marksman rifle


  • Strictly prohibited:

    • Automatic shotguns

    • Minigun

    • Futuristic weapons


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