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Upon joining, you will be contacted by a senior officer for a short interview to make sure you meet the basic requirements and are familiar with our bylaws, and then assigned a Hangaround status.

Please be patient if it takes a couple hours - we're mostly active in the evenings, European Time.


would YOU fit?

  • You are an easy going person that doesn't mind meeting some new voices.

  • You have a thing for biker culture and customs and would like to express that through GTA

  • You don't mind helping the club out on various MC missions and are willing to spend the necessary hours on club business

  • You like to give respect, but also want respect in return

  • You agree that the Club comes first and the individual needs of the members second

  • You can be serious when you need to be, but like to mess around and have fun. 

  • Loyalty is not just a word for you

  • The club has a 'don't ask don't tell' policy when it comes to personal political opinions, however racism is not tolerated.

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