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Enforcer - Zancudo River

b. Unknown

Born a paleto native, Bangers was always at home in the hills and woods of the north. The northern frontier grows strong men, but it offers few opportunities. Not wanting to work in the lumber mill for the rest of his life Bangers knew he had to get out.

At the age of 21 he joined the army as a mechanic, deciding to turn his love of anything with an engine into a way of life. The army became everything to Bangers, but the most important thing he gained was a place in a brotherhood. The ideals of loyalty became so fundamental to his life that he decided to go career. Serving his brothers with all he had, never faltering in his commitment, he became an inspiration for others to follow.

Unfortunately all things end, and in a flash it seemed to him, it was time to retire. While walking away from all he had known was a daunting prospect Bangers was never one to wallow in self pity, he approached it with the same sunny disposition he was known for among his former brothers.



Returning to his former home of paleto with an army pension he decided not to let his hands fall idle. He bought an old Daemon and restored it using the skills acquired from a lifetime in the motorpool. He enjoyed his new life riding the forest and mountain trails of Paleto, with enough money for gas and beer, but something was missing. Bangers missed his comrades, belonging to a brotherhood of men ready to hold each other and more important than themselves.


Then one day as bangers road home along the Great Ocean Highway, he heard the rumble of a column of riders, nearly 20 men riding in formation with the patch on their backs. He would later find out he had witnessed the Sons of Leuven MC riding into Paleto for the first time, and their new clubhouse backed on to the same street he had been born.


Bangers saw an opportunity to be part of a brotherhood once again, and after prospecting under the Paleto chapter he rose to become a patched brother, and earned the right to ride under the banner of the Sons.

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Favourite bike:

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