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b. unknown

David started life with everything he needed. A stable home in Sandy Shores with loving parents. They didn't have  much money, but that was a good thing for young David. It would help him in the trials to come.

At the age of 10 David was riding into city with his parents in there wood paneled station wagon. They were taking him to the Del Perro Pier, his favorite place for his birthday. Along North Chumash beach they were ran off the road and car jacked. Both of David's parents were killed in the exchange.

For years David roamed the streets. Eventually graduating to boosting cars and selling meth. One day while having a beer at the Yellow Jacket he met a interesting fellow named Dya. They started working together and dealings escalated quickly. On a crisp February morning they got busted with 10 kilos of cocaine on the Port of South Los Santos. David lost contact with Dya soon after that.


After a 10 year stretch David was back on the streets. Starting all over again. Old habits die hard and he found himself back having a drink at the Yellow Jacket. There was a bluegrass band playing that night. During a break from the band David heard a man joking about leaving a boy alone side North Chumash beach with his dead parents years ago. Mentioning that he didn't get shit for that wood panel station wagon and wondering what had happened to the boy. With out pause David leaped out of his bar stool grabbing the closest thing he could see to use as a weapon. After bashing the man's skull in. He noticed he was holding a now badly damaged and bloody banjo. Word got around and BanjoDave was born.


Favourite bike:
Western Zombie Chopper

One faithful day at the Suburban clothes store in Harmony David ran in his old friend Dya. They talked for a while and Dya introduced David to the Sons of Leuven. Little did he know that soon he would have another family. Full of brother's that would die for one another. And now he can proudly yell to the heavens. Sons Forever, Forever Sons!

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