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Patched member - Paleto Forest

b. 1986

Broom spent his childhood in the vibrant and bustling city of Vice City, where the sights and sounds of the criminal underworld were never far away. Despite his parents not being wealthy, they managed to provide a modest yet comfortable upbringing. Their involvement in the criminal underground allowed them to access certain privileges and resources that eluded many others.

Growing up, Broom was exposed to the complexities of the criminal world. Where he witnessed his parents skillfully navigate the fine line between legality and lawlessness, always cautious not to attract too much attention. Their connections within the underground community provided Broom with a unique perspective on life, where trust and loyalty were paramount, and the streets held their own set of rules.

In the midst of this environment, Broom discovered his passion for motorcycles. It started innocently enough, with him observing his parents' associates working on their bikes. Fascinated by the mechanical intricacies, he began to experiment on his own, tinkering with engines and customizing motorcycles to his liking. It became a way for him to escape the sometimes tense atmosphere at home and immerse himself in the world of gears and grease.


While Broom's parents were not naturally violent individuals, the criminal nature of their acquaintances meant that conflicts and danger were never far away. As a child, Broom had to develop a keen sense of awareness and adaptability to navigate the intricate webs of the underworld. He learned to keep a low profile, to listen more than speak, and to judge people's intentions before trusting them.

Despite the shadows that cast their influence over his early years, Broom's parents made sure to instill in him the importance of education and self-improvement. They believed that knowledge and skills were powerful tools to carve out a better future. Broom attended local schools, although he often found himself more captivated by the workings of an engine than the pages of textbooks.


Favourite bike:
Western Z. Chopper

It was this combination of influences—the criminal backdrop, the exposure to motorcycles, and the determination instilled by his parents—that shaped Broom's journey. His love for motorcycles grew steadily, fueled by his natural curiosity and the desire to rise above his circumstances.

Seeking a fresh start and new opportunities, Broom decided to leave behind the bustling streets of Vice City and set his sights on the peaceful town of Paleto Bay in Blaine County. With its picturesque landscapes and close-knit community, it seemed like the perfect place to establish himself as a skilled motorcycle enthusiast and mechanic.

Shortly after arriving in Paleto Bay, Broom immersed himself in the local motorcycle scene. It was during one of the regular bike nights at a local bar that he first encountered the "Sons of Leuven," a renowned 1% motorcycle club with a reputation that extended far beyond the county.

Intrigued by the brotherhood and camaraderie displayed by the Sons of Leuven, Broom found himself drawn to their unyielding loyalty and sense of adventure. One evening, Broom found himself shoulder to shoulder with Spelev President of the Sons of Leuven. Broom quickly bought him a drink and asked what it took to become part of their ranks. Recognizing his passion for motorcycles and his determination, Spelev agreed to give him a chance. Broom followed the club and made his presents known as a Hangaround. After some time Broom had earned his first bit of trust with the Sons and was asked to Prospect for the club.

Broom accepted, beginning his journey as a Prospect within the Sons of Leuven, earning their trust through unwavering dedication and a relentless work ethic. His skills as a mechanic proving invaluable to the club, ensuring that their bikes are always finely tuned for the rugged roads that lay ahead. Broom quickly gained a reputation for his ability to breathe life into even the most beaten-down engines.

As he deepened his involvement with the club, Broom discovered that the criminal underground of Paleto Bay held its own secrets and challenges. The Sons of Leuven became his new family, guiding him through the nuances of their outlaw lifestyle and helping him navigate the treacherous path that lay ahead.

Now, settled in Paleto Bay and fully patched in as a member of the Sons of Leuven, Broom stands tall among his brothers, ready to face the open road and protect the club's interests.

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