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b. 1994

Born across the ocean in Northumberland, England, Sins, like many brothers before him, came to San Andreas in his early twenties looking for a new and successful life. Even before his great leap over the big blue he grew up loving women, brawling and anything that involved engines. Those sins would stick with him and even expand once arriving and setting up in San Andreas, his very own personal Gomorrah. Needless to say all this degeneracy was what earned him the nickname 'Sins'.

Initially Sins was part of a metalband called 'Light of Day', which was a means to an end of debauchery. After all his love for women, fighting and engines did surpass his love for making music. Unable to make end's meet the band eventually broke up, some of its members even returning to England having been unable to achieve the 'American dream'.

But Sins had already indulged himself in a new scene, the vibrant street racing scene of downtown Los Santos. It didn't take long for a man like Sins to make a name for himself, but with the street-fame also came unwanted attention. The La Mesa based Vagos street wanted to get their hands on Sins winning ride and because none of their riders could match Sins's skill they decided to sabotage the race in order to win.


Favourite bike:

What they didn't realize is that his ride was an extention of himself so it didn't take Sins very long to realise his car had been tampered with. A fight broke out with Sins striking a mortal blow to the younger brother of the Vagos shot caller. Faced with overwhelming odds Sins was ran out of Los Santos and ended up looking for sanctuary in Blaine County, the place to be for the lost and the damned.

Violence seemed to follow him wherever he went and while he was drowning his sorrows in the Yellow Jack Inn he had come across some members of the Sons of Leuven MC. On one faithful night the Sons rode up seeing Punks bikes parked in front. After Pavel kicked the bikes down like a domino a huge brawl broke out with Sins getting involved on the side of the Sons. In recognition of his skills and support Sins was made a hangaround and worked his way up to patched member.

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