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President - Zancudo River

Born in the late 1970s with the heaviest of punk and metal playing in the background Cyco came to this world as a working class brat. Raised in the rough blue collar neighbourhood of Elysian, Cyco learned how to fight and survive from a very early age. After a while he started to enjoy a good brawl. Like his father before him Cyco dropped out of school and began working as a docker in the harbour. After only a few months Cyco was approached by goons of the Lucchese crime family who offered him a nice bonus for helping them smuggle drugs past port.

That all went well for nearly a decade. With the money he earned from trafficking drugs past port customs he bought himself a small workers house and an old zombie bobber which he tinkered on in his free time. The rest he spent on prostitutes, becoming a regular in the Vanilla Unicorn. Everything changed when a routine shipment was intercepted by a crusader FIB agent that could not be bribed. Refusing to sell out his former employers Cyco spend the next ten year in Blaine County Penitentiary.


During his time in jail Cyco first encountered Spelev who was shortly incarcerated during the spring of 2019 for multiple felonies. Before Spelev was liberated by his brothers in a daring rescue operation the two had come to respect each other greatly. Cyco was offered a place in the Sons of Leuven MC in exchange for doing some jobs for the club within prison walls, including stabbing rats and overseeing the inside drug trade. For his service on the inside he was made a full patched member about a year later.

Once he got out his first order of business was to get his old bike the club had stored for him and head over to the Vanilla Unicorn to celebrate his freedom with his brothers. While continuing his work for the club on the outside and maintaining the prison network he got a job at the Vanilla Unicorn as a bouncer to make some extra money on the side and consolidate the club's influence on  the Los Santos prostitution rig.

He gave up his job as a bouncer when in the Fall of 2020 he worked his way up to Vice-President of the Sons of Leuven MC.


Favourite bike:

Custom Western Zombie Bobber

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