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Dave McCave

b. 1988


Dave was born in Ghent, Belgium. His father owned a small restaurant in the city and was being terrorized and extorted by a local gang for years.

One day, at the age of 16, Dave met up with the head of the gang and spilled his blood in the name of his family and the years of suffering. The news report said the gang leader was de-boned alive with a butcher’s hatchet. Having no chance in court, Dave fled the country. He crossed the Atlantic ocean hiding on a container-ship and arrived in Vice City.

Upon arriving in a new country and new territory, the underground got word of Dave’s actions back home as the 'Belgian butcher'. He was offered a position in the Vercetti gang and operated in Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City. During his stay in Liberty City, he met Tommy Vercetti’s wife, Eleanor. Dave was blinded by the beauty of this French forbidden fruit. He fell in love and convinced her to go on a date; they'd meet in Belleville Park. Dave waited in the park for hours but no one showed up.


The day after, both Tommy and Eleanor were found dead on a yacht. Tommy would’ve found out about the date and shot Eleanor, after which, he shot himself. Unemployed and with the encouragement of a close friend, Dave decided to search for better pastures and moved to Los Santos. He bought a nice place in Vinewood Hills and while exploring the new terrain, came across a biker bar. Being an amateur of fine fermented funjuice, Dave stopped for a well-earned Orval at the Yellow Jack.



Favourite bike:
Western Zombie Bobber


He noticed two guys sitting at the bar. One of the guys had arms the size of my thighs and looked like he ate nothing but chicken, rice and small goats for the past 10 years. Next to him was a leaner, but not less meaner guy. By the number of patches you could tell this is a very high ranked MC member who probably had done some very unthinkable things to earn those well embroidered pieces of proof.


His kuttes said "Sons of Leuven MC", Dave heard about the MC before as they were very respected everywhere he went. The two guys were talking about organized fights and Dave knew this was his chance. Hoping he'd eventually, maybe, someday get a job, Dave stepped up and volunteered to fight. From that day on Dave has been with the Sons ever since and never looked back.

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