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b. unknown

'Jeff, that hot head? dont think any of us know where he came from. one things for sure, hes good at finding trouble'

A suspension tech by trade, and a hobby bike mechanic in his off time there were few things Jeff loved more than working on and riding bikes. He would use all his free time to rack up some miles on his custom bobber with his old lady on the back. One day while on a ride through the Senora Desert he decided to stop off at a local joint for a few cold ones and to see what the local scene was like.

A few beers deep jeff stepped outside for a smoke to find a man sitting on his bike. Jeff was always quick to anger and grabbed the man by his leathers throwing him to the ground. he was ready for a fight, but not the four other men wearing the same cut who stepped out of the bar, or the bottle to the back of his head that turned out the lights.


Jeff woke to find his bike gone and his girl beaten. A cold rage started to burn inside him, he spent the next months jumping from biker bar to biker bar searching for the men who disrespected him and his family. After months of searching with very little to show for it, Jeff met a man in a full cut at the yellow jack who called himself Lion.


Favourite bike:
Western Zombie Bobber

After hearing his story lion just laughed and said 'come to zancudo kid, we'll see if youv got what it takes to be a man'He went to visit the club and they offered Jeff revenge on the club that hurt him months prior, at a cost of course. from beatings to holding up stores Jeff never said no. his heart set on joining this club the brotherhood and respect unmatched by any other club in the regionJeff worked hard to prove his worth to the club and strives to protect the respect earned by the club throughout the years.

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