Vice-President - Zancudo River

b. 2002

Jao was born to the tunes of gangster rap in one of the toughest suburbs of Braga, Portugal. Jao was no angel growing up and while running with a local streetgang he got into trouble more than he could count. This rough environment forced him to learn early on that nothing in this world comes for free.

Despite his difficult youth Jao wanted to start turning his life around and start with a clean slate. Because of  the lack of opportunities in his own country of Portugal, Jao was forced to look for a job anywhere else. At the age of 17 he found a well-payed job in Dallas, Texas as a mechanic. Unfortunately for him it was a fake advertisement and suddenly Jao found himself on the other side of the world with no money to come back.


His old life caught up with him as Jao had no other choice to survive than returning to the life of a petty criminal. For nearly two years Jao was in and out of jail always charged with small robberies, assaults and theft.



Despite the many short-term incarcerations Jao had slowly saved enough money to settle in Sandy Shores. Due to his mechanical skills Jao got a part-time job at the Harmony 68 Garage. It was there where he first came across several members of the Sons of Leuven MC as they came by not only for parts and fixes, but also to collect 'protection fees'. Jao always had a passion for fighting the system and quickly got drawn to the outlaw lifestyle that the Sons projected. After a short while Jao became a Hangaround of the club and after much hard work he became one of its youngest members.


As time past and Jao proved himself extremely committed,  eventually becoming the youngest officer in club history.


Favourite bike
Custom western zombie chopper

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