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Vice-President - Paleto Forest

A Blaine County native Antestor was born in the Southern shadow of Mount Chiliad somewhere in the mid-1980s. He grew up on a run-down farm with his parents and two younger twin sisters. Given these circumstances it didn't take long for Antestor to realise what hard work truly meant. The farm was struggling and in order to provide for his family Antestor's father had to resort to running errands for the Stab City Chapter of the Lost MC.


As a child Antestor saw how The Lost exploited his father, bringing the family on the brink of financial collapse. Things took a turn for the worse the day Antestor turned 10 and his birthday present was seeing both of his parents hung by the neck in their own barn. The Lost MC had taken what they needed and since Antestor's parents had served their purpose, they were liquidated to set an example to others. His younger sisters had also disappeared that same night with their bodies remaining missing until this very day. As cruel as it might seem Antestor hoped they were dead, the alternative being much worse.

Antestor grabbed his fathers knife, took his rusty bicycle and rode straight to Stab City. At this point he had no concern for his own life


and all he wanted was revenge, but there is only so much a 10 year old can do against a whole chapter of bikers. Antestor was beaten to a pulp and left for dead in a small stream to the Alamo Sea. It was there that he was found by his uncle Cyco who had been looking for him after he saw what happened to his brother's farm.


Cyco took Antestor under his wings and taught him how to shoot, fight and survive. When Cyco was convicted and send to serve a 10 year sentence in Bolingbroke Penitentiary Antestor used the skills he learned from his uncle and made a living as a hired goon. Despite his many hardships Antestor had survived and was making a decent living until he was framed by a Blaine County cop for killing the pigs wife.


Like his uncle some two years before Antestor was sentenced to 10 years in prison. It is impossible to count how many times Antestor and Cyco stood back to back in the Bolingbroke prison yard, fighting off enemies. When Antestor got out Cyco introduced them to the Sons of Leuven MC. The latter was a perfect fit for him and an instrument to channel the two things he hated most, The Lost MC and cops.


Favourite bike:

Custom LCC Avarus

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