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Vice-President / Chaplain -
Zancudo River

b. Unknown

It was a very long, stressful life. Stab City is not kind to the young, and even less kind to those trying to come up. Lion never satisfied with his lot in life made the most of his days in this god forsaken area.

Always a fan of the green, either the kind you smoke or the kind you spend, Lion learned early how to get both. Going to school to learn how to "grow" while spending his free time doing odd jobs to buy supplies etc to grow what really matters.


Lion use to take long trips into the hills finding remote areas to grow crops, leading to his next dilemma of green which was selling it. Luckily there were two up and coming dealers in Stab City. It was not easy approaching people known for dealing, and boosting cars at gun point but he made his introductions to Dya and Dave and even sold to them a few times. Once established he began to sell to a variety of dealers, almost immediately taking over his bootlegging operation with the amount of scumbags in and around Stab City the customers were many and the money became easy.

lion fullbody.png

He got pinched a couple of times doing some stints in Bollingbroke Pen, some people were paranoid he would rat them out on their operations but he never talked, not ever. That is the kind of loyalty that gets peoples attention and that is how Lion was introduced to Pierre. Pierre a grower himself had his own grow operation with cops on the payroll and being a Nomad for SOLMC he had the backing of their network and protection. Pierre was impressed with how Lion handled himself and was suprised that he had a lot more potential than he first thought.

A few months of off and on working together and hanging out Lion was helping Pierre rotate his weed crop on a calm Saturday when 14 bikes roared into view kicking up a cloud of dust you could see for miles. Pierre went out to greet the President Spelev and the club.


Favourite bike:
Custom Western Zombie Chopper


President of the Club was staring him down and pointing to him. Pierre called Lion over and introduced him to the Sons of Leuven MC as they all began to circle around. Some guys were whispering back and forth with Spelev and some of the officers until Spelev looked at the young pot farmer dead in the eyes. "Hey kid, you want to make some real money?" Lion of course was eager to make cash, especially large amounts of it. "Ill tell you what, if you can stand on your feet after going three minutes in the circle with Antestor well let you be a hangaround and give you the opportunity of a lifetime.


No one knows to this day if Antestor went easy on Lion, or if Lion wanted it so bad that he willed himself onto his feet over and over but he definitely got a pounding from the club Enforcer. In the end covered in his own blood, bruises all over his upper body and face and with a wide shit eating grin on his face, he looked at Spelev and said "well am I good?"Spelev whispered to one of the guys as he walked to his bike causing the club to all simultaneously mount up. The guy in the cowboy had walked up slapped Lion on the shoulder. "Remember me kid" he said laughing. "I think your a cunt, but apparently your our kind of cunt" Get a bike and meet us at the clubhouse tomorrow, Pierre will give you directions". This was the start of a long road that saw Lion kill his first man, rob his first bank, and best of all grow his ass off for the club eventually proving his dedication, loyalty and pride in his new club. Voted in as a Patched member he finally got to call the guys Brothers, Finally he was home.

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