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Fallen Son

Born and raised in Grapeseed, Blaine County, Lupo belonged to a long line of farmers. According to his old man his family was one of the oldest in the area, even tracing their lineage back to the first settlements in Blaine.

Despite this being a matter of family honor, Lupo never did get to verify if it was true. Outside of talks at local bars or markets it didn't really come up that much anyway. Although it did explain why a significant plot of land had been passed down through the generations.

unfortunately due to some bad business decisions of his forefathers the plot of land had been carved up and sold on multiple occasions over the last century. This left Lupo and his household with a patch of land that could barely sustain them.

Desperate to turn things around Lupo decided to look into a more lucrative crop called marijuana. It started as a small venture to raise some extra money, but eventually became the main source of income for his family.


It wasn't long before Lupo's product became a succesfull and much known brand in southern Blaine, but besides eager customers it also created some unwanted attention. Being among the older families of the region the respect Lupo had among local criminals like the O'Neill family and Trevor Industries initially protected them from being muscled into submission by larger criminal outfits. However as his business continued to grow, even gaining attention from the larger Los Santos crime families, the need for protection grew larger every day.

That's around the time when Lupo was approached by the Sons of Leuven MC whom he had always held in high regard ever since they arrived in Blaine County. In exchange for a percentage of the profit the Sons would help protect and expand the Lupo family business. After a while business partners turned into friends and eventually into brothers as Lupo became a full-patched member in late 2020.

During his time as a Son Lupo played an instrumental role in navigating the club through some difficult times. At one point he even served as the motherchapter's Sergeant at Arms. After the club got consolidated and back on its feet he answered the call of the Nomad chapter to utilize his skills in facilitating the trafficking network between the club's San Andreas and Liberty City chapters.

In June 2022 Lupo unfortunately became the third member of the Sons to lose his life in the 'Great Northern Biker War' between the Sons and the Infernal Punks MC after being ambushed by the rival biker gang in Raton Canyon.


Favourite bike:
Western Zombie Bobber

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