b. 1989

Toki AKA Milkshakez moved to Los Santos for a second chance after getting himself into some trouble in his previous town, A small town in Louisiana right on the swamp.

After moving to Los Santos it didn't take him long to get back into his old ways of doing things and eventually heard of the Sons of Leuven MC.


He had rode bikes as a hobby on and of since he was 16 so being on one was close to normal for him and the things the MC got into were behaviors he par took in as well.


So he decided to try and join up with them thinking it would be a lot better to do these activities with others rather than alone.


He was also drawn in by the brotherhood of the members being a black sheep of his family and always being the lone wolf. He became a hangaround attending various club activities and worked his way up from there to being a fully patched member.