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Nick Van Beaufort

        Born in London in an upper class family, Nick lived a perfect childhood. That changed in his teenage years when, rebelling against his overly controlling parents, he fell in with the wrong crowd and developed a drug addiction.

        Flying all over the world and being permanently high was a hobby of theirs. One time they went to Los Santos, binging and drinking until one night in a bar. Nick got in a fight with three guys and ended up stabbing them, two fatally. His father’s influence only managed to cut down his sentence to 10 years, which she spent in Bollingbroke State Penitentiary.

        After finishing his incarceration, almost every day of it in solitary confinement, he was set free in Blaine County. With a harsh dislike for his parents, he decided to cut all contact with them and start a fresh life in Sandy Shores.


       Although he was mostly able to behave, his taste for cocaine didn't vanish and Nick became a regular customer of the local biker gang, the Sons Of Leuven MC. Due to her interest in motorcycles he was invited to join them as long as he would keep his habit under control. Nick bought a rusty Western Zombie and with the help of his new family he got it repaired and ready for the road. In reward for his loyalty and service Nick became the Club Road Captain in late 2018.


Favourite bike:

Custom Western Zombie Bobber

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