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Fallen brother

Born in Lithuania Pavel was seen as mysterious individual from a very early age always keeping his cards close to his chest. Growing up in a rough neighbourhood he learn to take and give punches from a young age. It didn't take long for him to learn how the streets worked and manipulate it for his own benefit. In his neighbourhood he knew how to make a quick buck from gambling, selling drugs or doing other illegal dealings.

When he was 18 he had all ready been in trouble with the law on various occassions. Car theft, robbing houses and getting caught with drugs had him in and out of the local prisons for a while until a certain judge decided to give him an alternative sentence by sending him to serve in the Lithuanian military with the notorious Iron Wolf Organization.


The judge had hoped that Pavel's time in the military would set him straight, but what they didn't realize was that all the knowledge he got from the military he would use for his criminal activities later on.


After he was released from duty Pavel it didn't take long for him to resume his criminal activities. Not long after he was betrayed by an old pal and business partner who called the cops on him when had his house fully stashed with premium weed. When he found the information about who betrayed him he decided to take revenge and set fire to the Lithuanian underground. It only took him one month to take down his former associates and their underground empire.

After enacting his bloody revenge Pavel decided to leave Lithuania and start a new life in San Andreas with few grands left in his pocket and bringing along several honours and medals he had received for distinction during his service. Once he arrived and settled in the run-down town of Harmony Pavel used up the last of his money to buy himself a Zombie Chopper.

Harmony being run by the Sons of Leuven MC it only took about two weeks when Pavel first encountered them and not in a good way. While having his usual drink in the Yellow Jack Inn he noticed Spelev who was busy playing pool for money with some of the locals. Low on money Pavel decided to challenge Spelev for a game of pool, but lost and didn't have the money to back up the wager. A fight broke out between the two which ended with both of them injured. Spelev could respect a good fighter and offered to buy Pavel a beer. A few hours later they went to an after-party at the SOLMC clubhouse after which Pavel became a hangaround.


Favourite bike:
LCC Sanctus


Hanging around and eventually becoming a prospect Pavel toiled his ass off for the club he had grown to love so fondly. He was loyal through and through, even when times were at there hardest and the splintering of the short-lived Steel Dragons MC caused a conflict that put brother against brother. After nearly a year, moulded by the 'First Dark Times' in 2019, Pavel eventually became a full member of the Zancudo River chapter.

Once a member Pavel was known as one of the most loyal Sons, devoted to the old school and spending much of his time patrolling around the home turf with the handlebar in on hand and a bottle of premium vodka in the other. When the time came he stepped up to become one of the club's most firm motherchapter Road Captains, guiding his brothers and maintaining riding discipline for years. When the club needed him elsewhere, he took it upon himself to head North and function as the RC in war-torn Paleto.

Pavel eventually met the centipede on monday the 12th of June 2023 as he intervened during a shake-down at Larry's RV store by a rival MC on Sons territory. He was shot to dead in a rain of bullets after stabbing a rival biker to death with a broken vodka bottle.  He was buried by his brothers on sunday the 18th and now rides eternal.

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