Pierre and National President Spelev had been fighting together ever since they were kids. Both born and raised on the proletarian streets of Leuven Pierre and his friends started getting into trouble from a very young age. Stealing, dealing, vandalizing, fighting and running from the cops had become daily activities.


​         It wasn't until the Belgian Civil War that the Original Five found a cause that they could rally behind. Protecting their own neighbourhoods as part of the Local Defence Militia. brave as they fought they could not outlast their enemies and were forced to flee from there homes.


​        Arriving in Liberty City with his comrades Pierre joined the others as a docker before joining the Lost MC Liberty City Chapter. Together with Spelev, Bash, Sep and Tadors they formed the first chapter of SOLMC, East Hook, Liberty City.


           While Sep stayed in Liberty City as President of the East Hook Chapter and Tadors would manage the Nomad Chapter, Spelev and Pierre moved to Harmony, Blaine County, San Andreas to found the Zancudo River Chapter. the latter would become the motherchapter of SOLMC in 2018 with Pierre as its Vice-President.


favourite bike:

zombie chopper