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b. 1997

Poison was born in the Central Los Santos Medical Center and grew up in El Burro Heights. He was raised by a single mother and grew up with two other siblings, Poison being the middle child. His oldest brother Carlos was the oldest and was working to get the family out of this gang infested area.


To Poison though, he thought these guys were awesome and growing up he became more and more involved with the Marabunta Grande. It had gotten to the point where Poisons mother kicked him out because of how disappointed she had become. Poison started committing petty crimes and she had gotten sick of bailing him out.


One dreadful evening Poison was being put to the test, Hector the leader of the Marabunta wanted to see if Poison had the balls to take a life, so he sent him out on a mission with three other members to Rancho to take a out a lieutenant  from the rival gang the vagos. They had driven out to find him but it turned out to be a trap.



Poison wanted to complete the task that Hector had given him but the other members

wanted to leave. Loyal above all else he said "Ay if we don't take care of this he'll have our

asses", but there was no convincing his fellow gangmembers. They abandoned Poison and

had left him for dead. Poison felt betrayed, but ended up holding out till the police came and arrested him.


From a relatively young age Poison spent ten years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary for possession of a firearm and aggravated assault. He got out early on good behavior, but when he got out his family was long gone. He tried calling, but no one had picked up. Poison didn't know what to do so he hitched a ride and went to the nearest bar which was the Yellow jack Inn . He  had a few beers so that he could collect his thoughts.


Betrayed by his old gang and feeling alone because his family disowned him his life would soon take a different turn. Behind him he overheard a group of guys playing pool, a group of bikers. He didn't pay them no mind until a group of O'Neill brothers entered and started an altercation with them over a botched meth deal and punches began to be thrown.




One inbred asshole tried coming at Poison instantly paying the price with all of his remaining teeth. About 2 minutes later the O'Neill brothers were kicked out. The guy leading these band of brothers, came and told Poison "you know how to hold your own , you should come to the clubhouse for a beer or two". He introduced himself as Sarcasm, so over the next few days Poison met a few of the guys and became a hangaround. later becoming a Prospect.

Favourite bike:
Zombie Chopper


Over the next few months he had had become more involved with the club and had earned his patch. He had a home and he had a new family whom he called his brothers.

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