President - Zancudo River

        Like the other 'East Hook Originals', Spelev was born and raised in the city of Leuven, Belgium. Working class from cradle to the grave he quickly learned to use his hands, both for working and for fighting. During the Belgian Civil War Spelev enlisted in the Local Defence Militia, a local splinter group based in and around Leuven . He did so along with several like-minded childhood friends, five of which would eventually become founders of SOLMC. Ending up on the losing side of the war many former combatants left the continent and in 2007 Spelev joined them.

        Like most of the Belgian refugees he ended up in Liberty City along with his former comrades. Working long and hard days on the docks of Liberty City the former soldiers searched for a way to belong and reignite the sense of brotherhood they had known during the war. They thought they found what they were looking for in the Liberty City Chapter of Lost MC.


        After some time had passed segments within the Lost MC leadership began fearing the 'Belgian Faction' within their ranks. Internal struggles and intrigues followed until the five eventually decided to split off from the Lost MC.

        Spelev was elected as the President of the newly found Sons of Leuven MC East Hook Chapter and managed to hurt Lost MC enough in a short but brutal biker war that their former brothers would come to the negotiations table. With the restrains of the Conclave in Liberty City Spelev, now becoming a National President, started the Zancudo River Chapter in Blaine County, San Andreas along with another East Hook Original, Pierre. The Zancudo River Chapter gained prominence and in the Summer of 2018 it was chosen as the new motherchapter of SOLMC with the Nomad Chapter to serve as the 'supply-line' between the two territorial chapters.


Favourite bike:

custom western zombie bobber

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