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b. 1999

Razandi was born in Bekasi City, Indonesia in the year 1999. Trained by his father from an early age he lived his teen years as a professional boxer winning various regional championship tournaments in his home town. Given his robust fighting skills it didn't take long before a professional boxing coach discovered him and made Razandi the offer to take him to the next level on the international stage.

His new coach took him to Los Santos, San Andreas to participate in a boxing tournament held at the Maze Bank Arena. Razandi had trained long and hard for this opportunity and next step in his fighting career. However, the committee refused him to compete because he was not a citizen of the United States. Needless to say he  was very disappointed with the committee's decision.

Razandi spent the rest of his time in San Andreas to get rid of his stress and blow off some steam. He went to Blaine County for a beer at the Yellow Jack Inn bar. He met Cyco there who was drunk


and in the middle of his regular 'fridaynight barfight'. Razandi stepped in to break up the fight between Cyco and some of the locals.


Despite being drunk off his ass Cyco recognized the potential in Razandi as a strong and defiant man. After some beers  Cyco offered Razandi to join him in riding to the clubhouse of the Sons of Leuven MC on Route 68. Not long after Razandi became a Hangaround in Sons of Leuven MC after being introduced to the other members by Cyco.

Favourite bike:

Custom Western Zombie Bobber

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