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Road Captain - Zancudo River

b. 1995

Romy was born and raised in a middle class suburban household in Bangladesh. There where many households like the one Romy grew up in and while life wasn't without its struggles, Romy and his family were rather comfortable. This was illustrated by the fact that Romy's family was able to provide him with a higher education, even taking a few years of studying abroad in the USA.

His studies were concluded successfully within years. During them Romy became known among his friends not only as an intelligent, hard-working man,  but also a fighter both figuratively and literally. When he had a project he wanted to finish he would go for it all the way and when during a night of drinking someone came looking for trouble Romy would be the first to handle it. Those who dared to underestimate him both mental and physical would always realise their mistake sooner rather than later.

Captured by the American culture of hard-work and freedom Romy



decided to settle down there and ended up in San Andreas. At first he got himself a decently paid job downtown and a small apartment in Hawick.


Life went on for a few years, but Romy often felt a certain emptiness inside. Like he was missing something in his life, a goal, a purpose, somewhere to belong. While he did gain a degree of satisfaction from his work, he had never felt more alive than when he was involved in a fight back during his student years.




One day Romy decided he wanted bring some excitement back into his life. He took two weeks off from work to go ride his zombie bobber north on the long roads of Blaine County. After two days on the road he ended up in the Yellow Jack Inn where he stopped for a few cold beers before moving on. He had heard about the biker war going on in these territories, but didn't pay much mind to it in the past.

Favourite bike:
Western Zombie Bobber


That would abruptly change when all of a sudden about a dozen members of Brothers in Exile MC came riding up, flashing their colours and making all the noise they could. It didn't take long for them to begin intimidating regulars and customers alike, one of them calling SOLMC back at the first sight of them. Romy wasn't used to taking shit so when a BEMC member came to harass him he pushed him away and told him to 'fuck off'. Promptly surrounded by 5 or 6 bikers Romy grabbed a chair and started swinging.By the time the Sons arrived Romy, facing greater numbers, was pushed into a corner.


As the Sons flew upon the BEMC members and beat their asses out of the fine establishment they did so seeing two rival bikers already lying on the floor bloody infront of a brused up Romy. Safe to say the Sons immediately saw potential, bought him a beer and invited him back to the clubhouse in case his travels would take him there.


After a few days of healing in Sandy Shores Romy went up to Harmony to visit the SOLMC clubhouse. There he found his goal, his purpose. He found the brotherhood that is the Sons of Leuven MC.

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