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Fallen Son


Born in Bohan, Liberty City. Sarcasm was the son of a Colombian woman who immigrated in search for a better future. Unfortunately things went different when she fell in love with a gangster from the Forelli mob Family.

The couple did their best to hide their love from the people around them, but it was only a matter of time when the Forelli mob council find out and evidently did not accept the marriage because of their nationalities. What followed was Sarcasm´s family being excommunicated from the Forelli Family, losing all connections and help they enjoyed in their former status.

Sarcasm's family had to recover itself after that event. His father was confronted with mob debts and despite being on the look for a new job he got rejected everywhere he showed up. During this time his mother ended up working as a maid for one the hotels owned by the mafia. Growing up in a new neighbourhood, Sarcasm was forced to change and to learn how things work on these streets.



He  learnt to protect himself in bare-knuckle gambling fights which made him some money to bring home and pay his father´s debts. At the age of 17 Sarcasm met 8-Ball, a self-proclaimed 'hustler' and explosive expert, when lost a bet to him and paid off the debt working on 8´s garage. Not long after he got to know Catalina and Claude, both well know criminals and bank robbers from the Colombian cartel ran by El Rubio. Sarcasm knew the way to make big time cash was now or never by affiliating himself with Catalina who recruited him because he saw potential.

For the next 2 years the crew successfully robbed 14 small banks, 2 malls, 3 jewellery stores and 1 pawnshop. They became known as heavy hitters and the Colombian Cartel choose sarcasm for a more skilful task: Smuggle cocaine into the San Andreas state.

With Catalina being involved with the Colombian cartel, the crew was protected by El Rubio. Severel months later El Rubio had misunderstanding with Claude and ordered Catalina to execute him on their next heist to send a message. On his first coke run, sarcasms plane crew got ratted and by the time they arrived to land, there was a full team of N.O.O.S.E who rapidly raided the scene and busted everyone involved.



His fellow crew mates blamed Sarcasm because of his poor knowledge of the operation and this set up made things easier for the cartel. Isolated and left by himself in a country he didn't know, handcuffed in the back of a police van, Sarcasm only knew one thing. The cartel wouldn´t get him out and he would stay in prison for the next 10 years for narcotics and international gang related crimes.


While incarcerated in Bolingbroke Penitentiary he met Cyco. Cyco took Sarcasm´s under his protection and told him how to survive inside. Right before Cyco got out he told Sarcasm that there was a home, a brotherhood, a breed that looked after each other and were loyal until end. These words coming from Cyco were all Sarcasm needed for start his journey as a hangaround for the Sons of Leuven MC.

Favourite bike:
Liberty City Customs Avarus

Sarcasm served as a loyal footsoldier for many months before he

answered his club's call to put in greater effort by taking up an officer station. As treasurer he made sure

dues were paid and money came in. Further more he also took care for the PR-side of things with the club organizing charity

rides and hard rock concerts in South-West Blaine. Not only did it grand the club some popularity and goodwill among the local population, it was also a very lucrative way of trafficking and laundering dirty money under the radar of law enforcement.

Understanding the true meaning of loyalty like only a few men do, Sarcasm didn't hesitate when the man who introduced him to his beloved club asked him to join him and some other veterans in setting up a new chapter up north in Paleto. Sarcasm helped lay the foundation of the new chapter 'Paleto Forest', but sadly that very same chapter would claim his life only 5 months later. With the northern expansion also came the 'high northern biker war' where Sons face the Punks in a bloody turf war. On the 3rd of April 2022 Sarcasm was killed in a gunfight with IPMC on Cascabel Avenue in Paleto Bay while overseeing a meth transaction with some affiliates.

He rides eternal, lost but not forgotten.

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