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Fallen Son

1987 - 2020  

Born in Bohan, Liberty City. Seloc was a known troublemaker, kicking with the other degenerates from the Northern Gardens. Selling dope and robbing stores peaked, fun was had but all stopped when his friends were wrongfully arrested and killed sending him into a downward spiral, abusing his body with his own product. Then homeless, he shut himself off to the world drifting from place to place to make a quick buck for food and drugs.

He’d try and fight his habit but had strong withdrawals, it was a losing battle. Seloc decided staying in Bohan was only going to make things worse. He made up his mind and was going to travel across America, the only way he could, freight hopping. For the few years he saw the developed American landscapes from the concrete jungle to the to the flowing rivers of the Midwest, constantly moving from city to city.


Seloc had finely decided to start life anew on the west coast in Los Santos. Leaving his old life behind he found a new job at a local custom bike shop as a mechanic. Being a mechanic had its perks, through connects with a local western dealer he bought his first motorcycle, the Western Daemon. He’d spend his free time riding out to the Yellow jack in and drinking his wage away. Seloc became a regular, eventually socialising with the Sandy Shores locals led him to meet Kook. Despite the age gap they got on well. They formed their own small custom bike shop call “Heretic Customs” being known as the “Dead Heretics.” Many years past, now living in Sandy Shores, Seloc and Kook had made quite the name for themselves which led to the Sons of Leuven MC to notice the Dead Heretics and their work. A bond was formed. Eventually this ended up with them being offered a place in the club.

Seloc was found dead in his Heretics Shop by a prospect in May 2020. He was bludgeoned to death by a rival MC, but not without taking five of them in his grave with him. Fallen, but not forgotten.

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