Sgt. At Arms

b. 1998

Fiko was born in the small city of Cazin in Bosnia and Hercegovina when he finished his college, he moved to Los Santos hoping of making American dream, after some time he realized that all of that was bullshit and started to drink heavily.


One Night he went to Tequi-la-la Bar and got in to the fight with Lost MC he got seriously injured and something in him snapped from that day forward he was never the same.


He left his job and started to free ride with his bike all around San Andreas while he was on route 68 he saw the same dudes that beat him up few months before drive right in to one of them and killed him on the spot.


He pulled out his knife and stabbed the other guy 50 times. The third guy was so scared he started to run, while he was running and stumbling he entered the Sons of Leuven MC bar. Fiko followed his victim and encountered a group of outlaw bikers and his target already dead on the floor. Fiko got agitated, saying that man was his to kill. The bikers looked at him and said:  "we may have new hangaround here".


Everything was going well until one day the pigs arrested Fiko for three counts of murder. in jail he realized one of the guys he killed was a snitch for BCPD. They offered him to get out of jail and all his records deleted if he did the same thing against his brothers. Loyal to the bone Fiko refused and ended up in jail for 7 years. In there he saw a lot of shit there, but his brothers always had my back no matter where he was, in or outside of the prison walls.

For his loyalty and services to the club he was promoted to become the Club's enforcer in May 2020.


Favourite bike:

  Vintage Western Gargoyle

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