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Patched member - Zancudo River

b. 1999

Tankster was born and raised in the south side of Los Santos. He was born into a single parent household, never knowing his father. From a young age Tankster was brought into the street life, groomed by the Ballas to aid in their nefarious acts, and to be a soldier in ongoing and future gang wars.

Tankster never enjoyed the gang life, as it was based around the notion of every man for himself rather than a coalition of brothers, which he longed for. For the Ballas, Tankster was tasked to aid their weed operation, transporting product to all the Ballas dealers within their territory and several outside affiliate organizations.

As a mule for the Ballas, Tankster never enjoyed what he did. Using the earnings to provide for his family, he felt trapped within the gang and yearned for a better life for himself and his family.

Towards the end of Tankster’s career with the Ballas, him and his gang


found themselves amidst a war with the Vagos, incited over a territory dispute in the industrial district of Cypress Flats. One fateful evening a crew of Vagos rolled through Grove street where Tankster’s mother resided with his younger sister. The Vagos sent a message by driving through the street, spraying at a group of Ballas on the street. Unfortunately, Tankster’s childhood home was behind them, sending shots throughout the house. Bullets rang through the house, tragically ending his mother and sister.


Favourite bike:
Western Gargoyle

With nothing left, and with his resentment brewing with street life, Tankster slipped into drug abuse. As his using worsened, Tankster found himself at a crack house in Blaine County. Coming down from his crack fueled high, Tankster heard the exhaust of 10 choppers roaring by shaking every inch of what was left of this house. It was the greatest thing he had ever heard, and something clicked.


He needed to ride, and more importantly, be a part of something greater than himself. Tankster cleaned up, bought himself a bike, and was deadset on joining a club. He had heard great things about the Sons of Leuven, and after meeting a few members previously at the Yellow Jack, it was everything he was looking for. A coalition of brothers, and a family to replace the one he had lost.

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