b. 1991

     Born in country side of Sparta, having lost his parents at young age, Walter was raised in his abusive uncle's farm. He never cared about Walter, so he made him sleep in the stables like a slave working at his property.


     All day we was being beaten up and called 'malaka'. Reaching the age of 18 he started selling weed, making himself money. That's when he got his 1st motorcycle. His uncle didn't like that, took his money for his, and threatened he will sell the bike.


       That night Walter took things in his hands. For revenge, he killed and amputated to pieces his uncle's favourite animal that was really proud for, a zebra. After that night, he escaped to Los Santos with nothing but his bike, searching for a new life.


           That's when he came across Spelev, president of SoLMC. Spelev saw potential, despite his unstable character, the strict rules of the MC keeps Walter in line, while he can also cause some mayhem.


        Eventually, he is known as Malaka Walter, bringing terror to his enemies. Rumors say that he kept the amputated head of the zebra and wears it like mask to intimidate his enemies.


favourite bike:

Western nightblade