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Will Rutterzz

b. 1988

Treasurer - Paleto Forest

Will grew up in Tottenham, London, in a small council estate along with his younger brother and father. His mother passed away during labour so Will and his brother spent most of their youth in his father's boxing gym. His father would teach them everything they'd need to know to face the boxing ring and life, as respectable men.

Will started amateur boxing at the age of 12 and 2 years later competed in a tournament organised at his father's gym. He won with a knockout only 6 seconds into the match. The day after, Will's father was found shot in the head, in a back alley between his house and the gym. Holding up the lessons thought by his father, Will took over his father's gym with his brother.

This is when they found out that the gym wasn’t making any money and their father had been fixing some of the fights for a London street gang. He and his brother would continue to fix fights for years and so the gym remained profitable. One night, after working together for 6 years, one of the gang members opened up to Will and told his father died because he refused to fix Will’s own match.


With the revenge of their father in mind, Will and his brother made a plan to extinguish the street gang.  Will approached a rival street gang and offered them help to set up an ambush on the leaders of the opposing gang. Will would organize a fake boxing match and would let the gangs kill each other in his father’s gym. The rival street gang accepted his offer and wanted both him and his brother to be present at the match, as a form of reassurance.


The day of the match, both of the gangs destroyed each other. The gang leader responsible for the death of Will’s father died in the shootout. Will’s brother was caught in the crossfire and died shortly after.

Favourite bike:
Custom Western Daemon


Having no family or relatives left in the UK, Will decided to visit his mother's brother, uncle James,  in Sandy Shores, Los Santos. Reminiscing about the family he lost, he decided to drink away his sorrow at a local bar, called the Yellow Jack. While in the Yellow Jack, Will got talking to a fellow British man.


This man was wearing biker cuts with "Sons of Leuven" embroided on the back. Will explained his story to the man while drinking and was then asked if he would like to compete in organised fights, held in a shack in the hills of Grapeseed.


Will agreed and fought a couple of times, winning all his fights before swiftly  being asked to accompany a few of the bikers to their club house in Paleto. After a chat with the group, Will decided to hangaround with the club. He sold his home and gym in London, and is now lucky enough to now call these men his brothers.

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